Improving Quality of Life Outcomes in Haemophilia

by Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (Sobi)
with support from Health Unlimited

Summary of work

Two key programmes were designed with one goal in mind: increase shared decision-making and improve life outcomes in haemophilia. From the outset, design thinking and behavioural frameworks were harnessed to unlock patient insights and create meaningful partnerships with the patient community and their ecosystems. These ongoing collaborations were harnessed to co-create content, co-design formats, pressure-test and validate digital questionnaires that collectively help the patient, but also the haemophilia care team, to drive a deeper dialogue around unmet needs (which are discussed very little or never at consultation point). The goal is to strengthen the ecosystem relationships and bring forward the need for a personalised approach to increase health outcomes in haemophilia.

Sobi’s mission is demonstrated through the dedicated Liberate Life platform where all deliverables are housed, and where continual investment in those programmes and partnerships makes the difference and transforms haemophilia care for the better. Sobi has a strong heritage in rare diseases, and as a medium-size modern pharma organisation has been always aware of how grassroots partnerships can help strive for better living with haemophilia across different ages and needs.

Judges’ comments

Sobi and Health Unlimited’s entry really understood patients’ unmet needs. It focused on improving quality of life and had good quality insights with creative ideas.