“Switch 4 Them” - Protecting Vulnerable Patients During a Pandemic

by Bayer

Summary of work

144 days in making, 30 team members involved, seven campaigns delivered, 78,000+ healthcare professionals engaged…and one pandemic situation handled!

When the COVID-19 crisis reached the shores of the UK, we abandoned the status quo, adapting to the drastically changing environment to address the needs of our customers and patients. The business metrics and strategic mandates were superseded by one joint goal - how can we best help?

We quickly identified an urgent plea – to support our NHS customers in protecting the country’s +400k vulnerable patients by transitioning them from warfarin to DOACs, following the new NHS England guidance on the management of anticoagulant services during the coronavirus pandemic. After navigating through a sharp pivot from the initial strategy, undergoing team transformation and deploying the new operating model – all during the three months of national lockdown working remotely! – we are proud to see the positive impact our activities have made to our NHS colleagues and patients.

Our team’s mission – to ensure every patient who needs our drug, gets our drug – shone the true essence of its meaning in the past few months and this is our part, albeit rather small, in supporting patients and the NHS during these unsettling times.

Judges’ comments

The “Switch 4 Them” initiative clearly demonstrated agility which was translated through the operation of the strategy. The scale of this project was particularly impressive, with great engagement from HCPs. The team identified a great opportunity for change and jumped on it!