Developing an Integrated Care Pathway

by Lundbeck

Summary of work

There is a wide variation in Parkinson’s disease (PD) services across the UK which means that rates of diagnosis and review of medication differ drastically. NHS reforms have bought with them a need for local services to deliver the best quality service to remain competitive.

By supporting the creation of a series of tools to help physicians and payers develop an Integrated Care Pathway (ICP) for PD, as well as piloting the creation of an ICP in the Sunderland area, Lundbeck has been able to help achieve the following outcomes:

  • An improved PD service in the Sunderland area with patients able to access a greater range of resources to manage their PD in a quicker time
  • Bring about a third reduction in hospital admissions in City Hospital, Sunderland for PD supporting the NHS agenda
  • Increase product cash market share from 7 per cent to 17 per cent and increase cash growth by 28 per cent vs company average of 14 per cent
  • Deliver a series of tools which help support the commissioning of PD services and are currently being rolled out nationally.

Judges’ comments

This was a well-focused initiative, which was very innovative in terms of business intelligence. A very well thought out pilot project that delivered success. We look forward to seeing this when it has been scaled up with more customer feedback.