Highly Commended

Real World Evidence: Awareness, Education & Training

by Janssen with support from Learning Solutions from Syneos Health

Summary of work

The planet is currently experiencing global healthcare crises that affect huge populations. From diabetes to Alzheimer’s to mental health conditions, we still lack the research and real-world data (RWD) to fully progress into an era of personalised medicine. At the same time, underserved populations with rare diseases struggle to receive treatment and real-world evidence (RWE) about living and thriving with their conditions.

Regardless of the disease area or treatment option, RWD that is effectively planned for, collected and analysed outside of traditional clinical trial settings, is emerging as integral to the future of global health.

Janssen’s strategy was to create standardised content and delivery mechanisms that resulted in customised experiences for the large and diverse audience of over 5,000 employees.

  • Create a central location for all RWE knowledge, training, and materials reducing duplication of effort, streamline workflows, and increase collaboration within Janssen and with external stakeholders
  • Deploy consistent communications and RWE resources that create increased awareness, application, and integration
  • Develop a curriculum with differentiated learning tracks that support employees of all levels, regions and types to close skill gaps and continue to build knowledge, experience and expertise.

Communities are more connected and opportunities have increased in abundance within the business to enable visibility of RWE content that drives less duplication of data and usage of data assets through the metrics.

Judges’ comments

This excellent programme by Janssen and Syneos Health had an exceptional strategy built on real insights and executed to a high standard. It was very well run and addressed a specific skill need, filling a capability gap.