Highly Commended

"touch" Patient Support Programme

LEO Pharma in association with Atlantis Healthcare

Summary of work

In the UK, approximately 1.2 million people have psoriasis, a chronic condition, which can often cause feelings of low-esteem, depression and social isolation. Furthermore, 40 per cent of patients prescribed a topical treatment do not use it as prescribed. 

In conjunction with health psychologists, dermatologists and patients, LEO Pharma has therefore developed “touch” – an evidence-based support programme designed to improve adherence and health outcomes for people living with psoriasis. 

Available to everyone with psoriasis aged over 18 in the UK (and their loved ones); users can access the “touch” website and helpline, and also receive belief-based interventional content through a variety of media channels. 

“touch” aims to improve members’ beliefs about their treatment and condition, by offering tailored support and coping strategies to encourage better disease self-management. An interim measurement sample shows the programme has reduced by over 85 per cent (exceeding objective of 70 per cent) the number of interviewees holding unhelpful beliefs, identified in the research as key predictors of non-adherence.

Launched in April 2011, “touch” currently supports 7,056 members.



Executive summary as submitted

Judges’ comments

"The program was very clearly about patient support and could stand independent of an HCP in the way it was managed. It was very targeted to patients; it was driven by adherence for patients, in changing their beliefs. It was well researched and there was strong evidence that it worked."