Paper to Patient

GlaxoSmithKline in association with eBee

Summary of work

The year 2010 proved big for both the Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS)and GSK, when major changes to policy and practice appeared in the form of two new sets of guidance. Primary care nurses and GPs, who manage most COPD patients, are faced with decoding weighty documentation into meaningful action.

A collaboration between GSK and the Primary Care Respiratory Society produced Paper to Patient – an outcomes-based digital training programme targeted at 10,000 HCPs.

The Paper to Patient initiative is centred on a computer game called Paper Practice. The programme as a whole comprises three components disseminated in face-to-face meetings and online:
Step 1: Understand: Immediate recommendations of the new National Strategy/NICE guidance packaged into five stage-by-stage multimedia training modules.

Step 2: Apply: ‘Paper Practice’ patient management scenarios helped practitioners implement guidance while remaining focused on the needs of those in their care.

Step 3: Take Action: An ‘action plan’ tool enables practitioners to record their objectives measurably and select from a variety of supporting resources.

The programme went live in September 2010 and has seen extraordinary and groundbreaking levels of engagement by healthcare professionals.

Judges’ comments

“Nice, clear entry with a distinct approach to partnership and problem solving. It is good example of collaboration between the PCRS and GSK leading to an innovative initiative to take a complex strategy and guidelines to HCPs. The programme was well designed, has extensive reach and illustrates a very clear understanding of customer needs.”