GSK iDeal – helping pharmacists manage their trading deals and discounts more efficiently

GlaxoSmithKline in association with SapientNitro

Summary of work

iDeal-Plus is a GSK pharmacy support scheme designed to manage the trading deals, discounts and purchasing data needs of independent and small and large pharmacy chains. 

In order to drive greater commercial efficiencies and provide customers with a better user experience, GSK and its agency team designed and implemented a new website with a view to migrating phone-managed customers with existing deals, and attracting existing customers without deals to engage with the scheme. 

The site offers two bespoke solutions based on pharmacy chain size: iDeal for pharmacies with one to four shops, and Plus for those with five or more – and a requirement for more business-driven data.

Extensive research was conducted to define customer needs, and understand their current use of online tools from other suppliers. Best practice from other sectors (eg, finance, insurance, retail) was incorporated in the design and structure to ensure a simple and seamless user interface – resulting in functionality that’s unique in the pharma sector.

100 per cent of GSK’s small-chain ‘deal’ customers made the transition to the site within 8 months and a further 499 new ‘deals’ were created in the first 12 months with existing customers who didn’t have a deal arrangement with GSK. Site analytics and ongoing customer feedback continue to drive improvements and further optimisation. Thanks to its UK success, the site is being considered for deployment across local GSK operating companies throughout Europe. 

Judges’ comments

“By implementing a digital marketing application that extends account management principles across a broad base of small-to-medium sized pharmacy customers, this support scheme achieved strong results.”