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The Importance of Safety Education Training in Achieving Successful Patient Outcomes

by AstraZeneca with support from CMC

Summary of work

The clinical trial phase of drug development is pivotal: patient safety, care and management pose unique challenges to HCPs, not least in the complex field of immuno-oncology.

Working in collaboration with our client, a key training need amongst HCPs was identified, with the primary objective of improving levels of expertise and confidence amongst HCPs, to ensure patient safety and commercial success.

Our response was a unique, global, live, Peer 2 Peer masterclass meeting series. This involved identifying and working with leading global experts. Key features of the programme included:

  • Pilot phase – in order to optimise content, design and ultimately results
  • A centre of excellence hub led by a multidisciplinary team of experts
  • The creation of a step-wise approach to the management of side effects
  • Creative and engaging content targeted to local audiences.

Between January 2017 and June 2018, 23 ‘live’ masterclass meetings have been executed, reaching 483 HCPs and across 15 countries.

Extensive evaluation has proven a significant shift in HCP confidence levels from low to high. In addition, feedback demonstrated steep advances in overall expertise and confidence, in some cases achieving 100%.

Stakeholder testimonials further evidence success:

“…it was a great experience and something I plan on implementing with my team here”.

Judges’ comments

AstraZeneca and CMC’s campaign had remarkable reach and scale. It had an impressive impact on mortality rates and demonstrated correlation between the before and after effect. It is a novel approach to improving knowledge around clinical trials.