QUINSAIR – Awaken the Lungs

by Chiesi Orphan
with support from Havas Life Medicom

Summary of work

Picture the scene: Your company has just acquired a new inhaled antibiotic to treat adults with cystic fibrosis (CF). This brand has no medical narrative, no promotional campaign and no market research. You are given a deadline of six months to launch, with an ambitious target to earn ~5% inhaled antibiotic market share.

The solution: You take a collaborative, streamlined global approach to build the brand from scratch. To do this, you prioritise partnerships with clinical experts, and you ensure your learnings are validated ahead of launch so that you can hit the ground running. This decisive and pragmatic approach pays off, and 12 months after launch your brand owns 10% inhaled antibiotic market share and has earned 195% of its target revenue.

Judges’ comments

The Quinsair project identified their key stakeholders and tailored the approach accordingly. There was a good range of tactics employed across the different channels chosen.